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SUSTAINABILITY Materiality assessment
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  • 1
    Industry Analysis

    Identification of key ESG issues facing the maritime industry.

  • 2
    Peer Evaluation And Benchmarking

    A peer benchmarking exercise was conducted across industry peers, investors, lenders and ESG rating agencies to determine a list of key relevant ESG topics.

  • 3
    stakeholder survey (Internal and external)

    Online surveys were distributed to internal and external stakeholder to gather their inputs on what ESG topics matter most to them.

    The stakeholders included:

    Internal stakeholder

    • Board of Directors
    • Executive Management
    • Shore staff
    • Crew

    External stakeholder

    • Customers
    • Lenders
    • Investors/Shareholders
    • Suppliers
    • Government and Regulatory Bodies
    • Shipping Agencies, Registries, Clubs or Societies
    • Ship Brokers
    • Ship Managers